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GOFLEX encourages citizens to participate in a new energy system
16.03.2018 | Design Thinking Workshop in Wunsiedel
The citizens of Wunsiedel design new business models together with their utility and GOFLEX partner SWW
"The future energy system might consist of many Wunsiedels"
05.02.2018 | Dr. Roland Busch, Siemens CTO and Member of the Board
GOFLEX trial partner SWW Wunsiedel and SIEMENS together operate the largest battery grid storage in Bavaria and open the "House of the Energy Future" next to the SWW headquarters.
GOFLEX at the European Utility Week
08.08.2017 | 03.10.-05.10.17, the Netherlands, Amsterdam
GOFLEX participated in the BRIDGE Horizon 2020 Project Zone at the European Utility Week in Amsterdam between 3rd -5th of October 2017.

Our three GOFLEX Demonstration SitesTake a look!

The GOFLEX solution is tested at three European demonstration sites in Germany, Switzerland and Cyprus involving over 400 prosumers from industry, buildings and transport.

» We take the next step towards a 100% self-supply with regional and green energy. «
Dipl.-Ing. Marco Krasser, CEO SWW Wunsiedel

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