The Project& Our Ideas

There are different paths in the evolution of the energy systems in Europe in terms of its provision system, information system and market system. Altogether, they will be shaped by the EC’s attempt to establish a European Energy Union including a new market design. The broad trends are ranging from centralised to decentralised generation and control, in parallel with market liberalization. The overall vision of GOFLEX in closely related to the light of this situation.

Distributed flexibilities and automated dynamic pricing are a cornerstone for the transition towards a more flexible energy system facilitating a higher penetration of distributed renewable energies on regional level. A holistic approach for Smart Energy solutions that are easy to integrate in existing eco systems which are open for new services and new players is an enabler for this transformation process. 

Therefore, GOFLEX wants to

  • accelerate the GOFLEX technology solution in Europe by developing and demonstrating mature and commercially viable, scalable and easy-to-deploy solutions for distributed flexibilities and automated dynamic pricing enabling sustainable and flexible and
  • establish a market for distributed flexibilities and automated dynamic pricing to improve the secure energy supply at local level and increase the economic efficiency of the overall energy system. 

To meet these strategic goals, the main objective of GOFLEX is to make a set of technology solutions for distributed flexibilities and automated dynamic pricing market ready which enables regional actors like Generators, Prosumers, Flexible Consumers and Demand Side Operators, Energy Suppliers, Microgrid Operators and Energy Communities to aggregate and trade flexibilities.

Therefore, the GOFLEX partners aim to create an integrated set of technologies, which provide attractive solutions for all market actors who want to smartly use, provide or trade flex-ibility as a service, including a flexibility market application and additional service based on a cloud solution. The core element of the "GOFLEX technology” is an integrated platform of hard- and soft-ware building blocks, which are connected via open interfaces. Depending on the use case (e. g. the aggregation of distributed flexibilities from many suppliers) the platform will activate specific building blocks. The building blocks can be applied individually or as an integrated system depending on the needs of the related market actors, e. g. aggregator-prosumer, aggregator-BPR, BRP-DSO/TSO, prosumer-prosumer etc. To be integrated into existing legacy technology (e.g. SCADA systems) the platform can be connected via open interfaces. The GOFLEX technology can be seen as an umbrella for use case related sets of building blocks based on the GOFLEX platform which is open to be completed by new components.

GOFLEX will focus on the development of high technical readiness level (TRL) solutions that will be demonstrated in the scope of realistic environments. Therefore, the GOFLEX technology solutions will be applied in three demonstration sites representing several application contexts in three European countries – Germany, Switzerland and Cyprus. A constant involvement of relevant stakeholders guarantees the optimal implementation of the trials, validation, and evaluation, which will ensure eventually scalability and feasibility beyond the project.

The consortium has a clear orientation towards the commercial exploitation of the GOFLEX solutions. The GOFLEX consortium aims to develop the market for distributed flexibilities and automated dynamic pricing together with other projects, initiatives, and companies including a profound strategy to develop stakeholder that are crucial to success.